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List of all Ysmen speakers
Click here to see the roster of all the Ysmen speakers from its inception through 6/9/04.
Provided by Dick McBride
Click here to see the roster of all the Ysmen speakers from 9/14/04 through 6/13/23.
Provided by Bill Glick
From Frank Donovan

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Ys Men Hike Ratings
     The following ratings will be used to describe upcoming hikes. The ratings and descriptions will allow members to determine the difficulty and duration of hikes and should choose a hike most suited to their ability.

> A.
Describes a hike that will be somewhat difficult. Terrain will be uneven with some moderately difficult climbs. These hikes will be 4 to 6 miles long and should take approximately 2 to 4 hours to complete.
> B.
Describes a hike that will be moderate. Terrain will be mostly graded trails with some moderate change of elevation. These hikes will be 2 to 4 miles long and should take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete.
> C.
Describes a hike that will be easy. Terrain will be well graded with little elevation change. These hikes will be 1 to 2 miles long and should take approximately 1 hour to complete.
     The slowest member of the group will govern the hiking pace. Rest breaks will be scheduled throughout the duration of the hike. Hikers are urged to wear substantial footwear. For "A" and "B" rated hikes, hiking boots are recommended. The hike leader will carry water, first aid kit and a cell phone for emergencies.
     Hikers who participate in Y's Men hikes should realize that outdoor activities pose a chance for injury. The hike leader, the Y's Men Club and / or the YMCA are not responsible for any injuries that may occur.

Guidelines for Story Tellers
The goal of the storyteller is to make a presentation, limited to five minutes, that is entertaining and/or humorous to the entire group of listeners. Whether it is a series of jokes, a personal history, a poem, or a philosophical theory, it should be delivered in good taste. The teller ought to keep in mind that it must not be offensive to anyone in the audience.

Guidelines for Cell Phones
1. Please turn off your cell phone during the meetings. A ringing phone is very disruptive to our speakers and to the attending members.
2. If you must have your phone on because of a possible incoming emergency call, consider sitting in the back of the room, and immediately going out into the hall to continue a conversation if the phone rings.
3. Know how to put your phone on vibrate mode or what button to push to immediately silence the ring from an incoming call (the speaker and audience sometimes have to sit through six or more rings).