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Ys Men Annual Picnic
June 17, 2019

     The 2019 Ys Men Annual Picnic was held on June 17 at 5:00 pm at the Mountain Mist Outdoor YMCA camp. This year, there were 121 attendees (123 last year). The weather was ideal with temperatures in the upper 70s, mixture of sun and clouds, and no wind.
     The Picnic was a spirited affair with unending smiles, laughter and socialization. After enjoying an array of appetizers brought by members, picnickers were treated to hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, barbecued chicken, potato salad, garden salad, baked beans, rice pilaf, coleslaw, eggplant parmesan and beverages, with watermelon and cookies for dessert, all provided by Gus and Mindy Esteves of Oxford, previous owners of Ricks On 5 of Wallingford.
     Outgoing Ys Men Chairman Paul Scollan then welcomed the guests, including a thank you to individual Ys Men members who had provided special services to the club during the preceding year. Bruce Burchsted recited a humorous poem he had written for this event. The "ceremonial" gavel )a full-sized axe) was then turned over to incoming Chairman Mike Rohde, who recited a poem that he also had composed for this occasion..
     Our very special thanks to our Special Events Chairman Lenny Cheerman, who made it all happen.



Ys Men Holiday Party
Dec. 18, 2018

On Dec. 18, 2018 some 86 Ys Men and their wives and guests gathered at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville for our annual holiday party. Arriving at 6:00 pm, attendees first had to pass through the raffle-ticket-selling obstacle course manned by Peter Burch and then found seats in the beautifully decorated Wagon Wheel Room. After an hour of socialization, they were served a delicious dinner which was once again up to Aqua Turf standards.

A large number of gift items were raffled off, followed by announcing the winner of the the Paul Devoe Memorial Cribbage Tournament (Bill Schultz) and the Dr. Dan Kahn Memorial Bridge Tourney (Duke Sward). A well-received Christmas trivia contest entertained the audience. The dance floor then filled to overflowing with music provided by Silver City Sound. Our thanks to Party Chairman Bruce Burchsted for organizing this fun-filled event.


Ys Men 25th Anniversary
Oct. 4, 2016

A large group of 72 Ys Men of Meriden gathered at the Meriden YMCA on Oct. 4 as they celebrated their 25th anniversary, a meeting replete with humor, creativity, recognition of past service, sorrow over the loss of deceased members, and enthusiastic recollections of countless shared times. Organized by current chairman Terry Clarke, the program reviewed the clubs history during the span of the past quarter century.

After opening remarks by Clarke, a 20-minute slide and video presentation first honored each of the previous 24 club chairmen, including a group photo at which 16 were present. A 1993 episode of Marvs Mike weekly TV talk show, hosted by member Marvin Beloff, featured Bruce Miller, Bill Wheaton and Danny Kahn, all founding members of the club; during this segment, much of the original planning of the organization was revealed.

Other video clips included a remarkable wedding proposal by member Dick Boynton to his fiance Layne during a Ys Men meeting (immediately after he presented a travelogue program), and an excited Scott Haney (Channel 3 weatherman) during a network program recounting his marvelous experience speaking to the Ys Men the day before. Other still and video clips then reviewed numerous unique events from previous Ys Men years.

Jack Brooks

"Brook" Abrahams and Steve Volpini



Bruce Miller

Dewey Dow

Peter Burch

Bruce Burchsted

Marvin Beloff

Bill Wheaton, Terry Clarke, Peter Burch

Bruce Miller next spoke about the origins of the club and how well it has flourished, followed by a comedy presentation by member Dewey Dow, adopting his native Maine accent and garb. Other presenting members included Peter Burch (accompanied by ukulele) singing a mildly bawdy song regarding what a Scotsman does or doesnt wear beneath his kilt, Bruce Burchsted reciting a clever poem specially written by him for this occasion, and Marvin Beloff reading the well-known fable Jack and the Beanstalk (but in an unusual accent).

Both humorous and poignant recollections were then presented by several attending members, followed by awarding of plaques to Bill Wheaton and Peter Burch for their contributions to the club. This days program, eliciting a flood of laughter and pleasant recollections by audience members, ended with refreshments.



Wintertime in Maine
Dan Kahn